Get Through Cravings

For many people, dealing with cravings is one of the hardest parts of quitting dip. That’s why it’s important to have a plan to beat that urge to dip.

Cravings are uncomfortable, but they are temporary. Try to wait out cravings until they pass. Here are a few ideas to help you handle cravings when they hit. Try one or more of these ideas until you find what works for you to beat the urge to dip. It’s also helpful to keep track of things that have worked for you. When you find something that helps, write it down. You can use that same approach if another craving comes along.

  • Do something else.
    Stop what you're doing right away and do something different. Sometimes, just changing your routine helps you shake off a craving.
  • Keep your mouth busy.
    Make sure you have sugar-free gum or snacks with you. Drinking more water can also help.
  • Get active.
    Try taking a quick walk or go up and down the stairs a few times. Physical activity, even in short bursts, can help boost your energy and beat a craving.
  • Take some deep breaths.
    Breathe in slowly through your nose and breathe out slowly through your mouth. Repeat this 10 times to help you relax.
  • Think about your reasons for quitting.
    They’ll remind you why quitting is important to you and help you manage the craving until it passes.

You don’t have to do this alone. You can reach out for help:

  • Call or text a friend.
    Lean on people you trust.
  • Use our quitline.
    Call 1-877-44U-QUIT (1-877-448-7848) to talk with a trained counselor for free.
  • Chat with an online counselor.
    Get free real-time help from a trained counselor from the National Cancer Institute.

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