Get prepared.

Preparation is the first step to being smokefree. Boost your chances of success by making a quit plan.

It's a great day to quit.

The first day can be difficult, but we can help you get through it. Try the QuitGuide app on your smartphone.

Stick with it.

Watch out for your triggers and plan how you will fight cravings. Try the quitSTART app on your smartphone.

Quitting is a process.

Feeling confident in your ability to stay smokefree may take time. Speak to an expert whenever you need a boost.

Quitting is a Journey.

On this site you’ll find support, tips, tools, and expert advice to help you or someone you love quit smoking.

Build Your Skill Set

Practice Quit and Daily Challenges are free text programs that can help you prepare to quit and gain the confidence and skills you need to quit smoking for good.

“After trying before, one thing is different this time: acceptance of imperfections." -Smokefree Kathleen
Quiz: What Are Your Withdrawal Symptoms?
Is this withdrawal? Learn what your body is going through as you quit smoking and get tips to deal.