Smokefree Text Messaging Programs

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Smokefree.gov offers free text messaging programs that give 24/7 encouragement, advice, and tips for becoming smokefree and being healthier.

Find the program that meets your needs. You can sign up or opt-out at any time.


  • SmokefreeTXT is for adults who want to quit smoking.
  • The program lasts 6-8 weeks, depending on your quit date. You will receive 3-5 messages per day.
  • The text messages provide tips, advice, and encouragement to help you overcome challenges and stay motivated.
  • Use the keywords for extra help at any time. Text CRAVE, MOOD, or SLIP to 47848.
Practice Quit
Daily Challenges


Quit for Good


For pregnant women who want to cut back on cigarettes and quit smoking.


For young adults 13 to 19 years old who want to be smokefree.


For veterans with VA health care benefits who are ready to quit smoking or using tobacco.

SmokefreeTXT en español

Para mujeres y hombres de habla hispana que están listos para dejar de fumar.

SmokefreeVET en español

Para veteranos de habla hispana con seguro de salud del VA que están listos para dejar de fumar.


For young adults who want to quit dip.