Who is this program for?

American Indian and Alaska Native adults and teens in the United States who are ready to quit smoking commercial tobacco. This program is offered through a collaboration between the National Cancer Institute’s Initiative (SFGI) and the Indian Health Service (IHS). SFGI and IHS worked with experts from the School of Public Health, University of Minnesota and the American Indian Cancer Foundation to develop a program that is aligned with the culture and needs of American Indian and Alaska Native communities and honors the significance of traditional tobacco. 

How does it work?

After you confirm your enrollment, you will receive daily text messages to support you in quitting smoking commercial tobacco from the short code 47848 (message and data rates may apply). The program lasts for 6-8 weeks. 

You can opt out at any time by texting STOP. Text HELP at any time for information on the program. Learn more about the program, its unique, on-demand keywords for support, and find answers to Frequently Asked Questions here. Read our privacy policy and terms and conditions

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