Slips Happen

Quitting smoking is a process. It may take time. During that time, you might get frustrated. There’s a chance you might slip at some point and smoke a cigarette. Slips happen to a lot of people who quit smoking.

Slips often happen in the first three months after quitting, but they can happen any time. Many people need several tries before they quit for good.

It is possible to get back on track. Think about all you have accomplished. Try to stay positive and remind yourself that a slip is just one bump in the road on your smokefree journey.

Knowing your triggers can help you understand what led to the slip. Find ways to avoid your triggers along the way. And having a plan to deal with cravings can help you get past them.

Use the quitSTART app to track your smokefree progress, cravings, triggers, and smoking slips. You can tag the times and places that make it hard for you to stay smokefree. The app will give you extra support when you need it most.

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