Smokefree Text Messaging Programs

Smokefree Text Messaging Programs

Smokefree.gov offers free text messaging programs that give 24/7 encouragement, advice, and tips for becoming smokefree and being healthier.

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Find the program that meets your needs. You can sign up or opt-out at any time.

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Quit for Good

  • SmokefreeTXT

    For adult men and women who are ready to quit smoking

  • SmokefreeTeen

    For young men and women, 13-19 years old, who want to be smokefree

  • Smokefree Español

    For Spanish-speaking men and women who are ready to quit smoking

  • SmokefreeMOM

    For pregnant women who want to cut back on cigarettes and quit smoking

  • SmokefreeVET

    For veterans with VA health care benefits who are ready to quit smoking or using tobacco

  • SmokefreeVET en Español

    For Spanish-speaking veterans with VA health care benefits

Prepare to Quit

  • Practice Quit

    Quit smoking for short periods of time and build up to quitting for good

  • Daily Challenges

    Build skills without quitting

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

  • HealthyYouTXT: Eat Better

    Build skills for healthier eating

  • HealthyYouTXT: Get Active

    Build skills for being more active every day

  • HealthyYouTXT: Weight Management

    Build skills for maintaining or losing weight

  • HealthyYouTXT: Aliméntese Mejor

    Cree hábitos para comer más saludable

  • HealthyYouTXT: Manténgase Activo

    Cree hábitos para mantenerse más activo todos los días

On-Demand Support

  • Skip the sign-up and get one special message right now.

    • Text CRAVE to 47848 if you need help to beat a cigarette craving.

    • Text MOOD to 47848 if you need an emotional boost.

    • Text SLIP to 47848 to get extra encouragement to keep on going if you smoke.