Work with Smokefree

Smoking cessation research and programs continually expand Smokefree’s understanding of how to help people quit smoking.

Smokefree regularly works with researchers, practitioners, and program planners who are interested in incorporating Smokefree data or products (including websites, mobile apps, or text messaging programs) into a project or research study. These collaborations advance our understanding of smoking cessation, mHealth, vulnerable populations, and other health behaviors. Since Smokefree’s inception, the Smokefree team and its collaborators have published more than 60 peer-reviewed articles on these topics.

Please contact to discuss how we can help you meet your research or program goals.

Smokefree Data

We provide researchers, public health professionals, and a variety of organizations with data on the use of Smokefree products. Selected data on individuals, such as research participants, is available for researchers who are interested in conducting secondary data analyses. All data is confidential and no identifiable individual data is released. Data is typically delivered in Microsoft Excel files, and if requested, can be delivered through secure file transfer protocol.

Smokefree data may include:


  • Usage: Visits, visitors, page visit rankings
  • Engagement: Time on site/page, pages per visit
  • Referrals: How users get to the site or a particular page, campaign links
  • Pathways: General paths users take when they arrive on the website
  • Demographics: Location, gender, age range
  • Event tagging: Downloads, form entry

Social Media

  • Engagement: Likes, shares, comments, link clicks, image clicks, video views
  • Followers: Growth of Smokefree social networks
  • Reach: Number of persons exposed to social media messaging
  • Website referral: Linking social media back to Smokefree resources

Smokefree Apps

  • Usage: Screens visited, features used, time in app
  • Engagement: Inputted data/text, response to prompts/notifications
  • Pathways: General paths users take when they arrive in the app
  • Event tagging: Specific buttons clicked in the app, other precise data
  • Data on research participants

Text Messaging Programs

  • Subscriptions: How users subscribe, how many subscribe, active versus inactive subscribers
  • Interactions/Engagement: Responses to system prompts
  • User information: Quit date, age, state of residence, smoking behaviors, re-engagement
  • Usage: Patterns in opt out, changing quit date
  • Data on research participants

Smokefree Data Use Agreement

Anyone who requests Smokefree user data or uses Smokefree products—such as apps or text messaging programs—must sign the Smokefree Program Data Terms of Use. The agreement is designed to protect the confidentiality of Smokefree user data and ensure that those who have requested its use comply with all appropriate data management practices, consistent with U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and National Institutes of Health requirements.

 Smokefree Data Terms of Use Form [PDF – 96 KB]