Manage Cancer—Your Way

Cancer can bring many challenges. Springboard Beyond Cancer gives you information and resources to help you cope and be in control.

Springboard Beyond Cancer Can Help

Want to take control of your health?

Learn about Self-Management and the steps you can take to actively manage your health.

Do you often feel tired?

Explore information on the causes of and treatment for fatigue.

Feeling like no one understands what you’re going through?

Find a peer-to-peer support group.

What Are Action Decks?

Action Decks are collections of information related to a cancer topic or treatment.

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CREATE or choose an
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Downloading and printing out their action deck

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DOWNLOAD and print your
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Using their action deck for manage symptoms

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USE THE ACTION DECK to help manage
your symptoms.

Revisiting Springboard Beyond Cancer for additional help as needed

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you need it.

Create your own action deck or choose an action deck we’ve made for you.

Your experience with cancer is unique. You can build an action deck with topics that are important to you. Or select an action deck that gives you tips and tools on a specific topic about cancer or treatment.

Additional Resources

Angie's Experience With Breast Cancer - Fatigue

Angie, a breast cancer survivor, talks about her cancer diagnosis and treatment, as well as her fatigue symptoms during chemotherapy and radiation. By walking between treatments and playing tennis, Angie was able to boost her energy levels and battle fatigue. Angie recommends finding a physical activity you enjoy and pursuing it in a modified way until you're able to return to a fully active lifestyle. Visit the Fatigue page for more information.

Montessa's Experience With Lung Cancer

Montessa, a lung cancer survivor, talks about her diagnosis and the treatment symptom she struggled with most - fatigue. She discusses the importance of working with your healthcare team and relying on your support networks for help. She also emphasizes the importance of striving to live rather than just survive. Visit the Fatigue page for more information.

Watch cancer survivors share their stories about having cancer and find out how they coped with challenges.