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A key feature of the SmokefreeTXT program is the ability to get on-demand messages by texting us one of the three keywords below (Crave, Mood, or Slip). You can use these keywords at any time. And you don't have to be signed up for the program to use them. If you are no longer interested in this option and do not wish to receive messages from us, simply stop sending keyword texts.

Need some extra support to get you through the day?

Luckily, SmokefreeTXT isn’t a one-way street! Send us a text whenever you need an extra boost. You can use these keywords anytime. The support you need is only a text message away!


When do I use this?

CRAVE Having a bad craving & need a reminder of why you shouldn’t pick up that cig? Text CRAVE to: 47848
MOOD Having a rough day & need a positive message sent your way? We could all use a little boost sometimes. Text MOOD to: 47848
SLIP Slip up? That doesn't mean you have to start from the beginning! Get the extra encouragement to keep on going. Text SLIP to: 47848
STOP Want to stop receiving messages? No matter what your reason, you can opt out of our program whenever you want. Text STOP to: 47848. You can sign up again at any time by visiting our website!