The Smokefree quizzes can help you learn about what's important to you:

Depression Quiz

Depression is more than feeling sad or having a bad day. People with depression usually feel down‚ blue‚ or sad. Find out if you have some of the symptoms of depression.
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Nicotine Addiction Quiz

Knowing how addicted you are to nicotine can help you quit smoking. Discover how much you rely on nicotine and ways you can curb your cravings.
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Secondhand Smoke Quiz

Over 7,000 chemicals have been identified in secondhand tobacco smoke. Test your knowledge on secondhand smoke and learn how to protect yourself and others.
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Stress Quiz

Everyone feels stressed from time to time. However, it's important that stress isn't taking over your life. Identify your stressors and learn how to manage them.
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Withdrawal Quiz

Withdrawal from the nicotine found in cigarettes can be uncomfortable for some people. Find out your level of withdrawal symptoms.
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