Relating to the Joys of Motherhood

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Mother’s Day is about celebrating the (mostly) joys of motherhood, and maybe taking some time to pamper yourself or be pampered by your family. The Smokefree Women Facebook page often receives stories from real women who quit about spending time with their children. We thought that highlighting these stories about the joys and benefits of being a smokefree mom would be an uplifting, heartwarming way to celebrate Mother’s Day with SFGI. 
Moms have some of the best reasons to quit smoking: their kids. And having children is often a source of stress, which is a key reason cited to keep smoking. In addition, smoking moms face stigma and shame from smoking around their children, and certainly get added social pressure to quit if they have children. Quitting isn’t easier if you’re a mom, but, through this year’s Smokefree.gov Initiative (SFGI) Mother’s Day promotion campaign, we attempted to show that the benefits of being a smokefree mom are worthwhile. 
While SFGI has a variety of valuable resources to help people quit smoking, we decided that not all campaigns must explicitly drive clicks to specific content. Throughout this week long campaign on Facebook and other SFGI social media platforms, the goal was not focused on driving women to particular resources. We simply were sharing relatable stories of moms who quit smoking.  For this campaign, we attempted to tapped into the positive aspects of celebrating Mother’s Day, along with benefits of being a smokefree mom and minimized discussion of the negative health effects of smoking during and after pregnancy. For this campaign, we purposefully prioritized likes, comments and shares above clicks, because we believe that engagement itself can increase dose exposure. 
The core elements of the promotion were based on campaign specific social media images and videos which sought to achieve authenticity and connectedness with the target audience to encourage engagement and sharing across social media. The promotion team was also able to draw on previously created images that fit with the theme of this Mother’s Day campaign to bolster our stock of creative. The tagline, “Celebrate smokefree this #MothersDay” Was used a common element to tie the campaign together.  The “Celebrate Smokefree” line serves as secondary hashtag as well which can be reused to tie across additional holiday promotions. It has the double meaning of celebrating ones’ smokefree life, as well as celebrating a holiday without smoking.
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During the 10-day campaign (April 29-May 8, 2016), we saw excellent social media engagement with our Mother’s Day posts. Organic reach on these posts was close to 50,000, about 50% higher than usual, and paid reach of posts was almost 40,000. The two short videos produced were watched over 2,000 times. We had high rates of likes and comments, but we also had high amplification of our posts—meaning that the posts were compelling enough that people chose to share them with their own followers on social media. We had over 130 shares of the Mother’s Day posts.
User data indicates that this campaign meaningfully touched on some of the key reasons people choose to be smokefree—their children and motherhood—without feeling condescending. By using the words of real quitters drawn from our social media channels, we embraced the small joys of being a smokefree mom. Through the relatability and joy displayed in the images, we amplified and expanded the reach and engagement of our messaging, grew our audiences, and bolstered our community of quitters.


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