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The mHealth Monitor blog is an open, collaborative space for experts and practitioners in the field of mHealth to share ideas. The foundational posts will feature thinking that originated at a workshop in December 2015, when the National Cancer Institute (NCI) convened a group of 20 thought leaders in the field of mHealth, smoking cessation, and evaluation. The primary objective of this meeting was to find ways to explore key scientific methods that allow for evaluation of smart design efforts to help people quit smoking, while keeping pace with technology. While the first set of posts will focus on evaluation, our goal is to amplify the conversation within the larger mHealth community, with the aim of improving how mHealth interventions are designed, delivered, and evaluated to effectively carry out health behavior change.

If you are reading this, you are probably interested in these topics and that likely means you have something relevant to share. We invite you to add your comments and consider posting on a topic that is of interest to you. We hope this will be a lively space for people to toss out ideas, share opinions, respectfully debate one another, and collectively move the thinking forward on how to build well designed, effective mHealth interventions.

By: Jessica Havlak

Because the importance of preventative public health measures remains high even if budgets are reduced, it is important that your content not only be high-quality, but also cost-effective and long lasting. The Smokefree.gov team has found a way to do that through the development of what we term “Flexible Assets” – content that is developed and formatted in such a way that it can easily be repurposed for multiple platforms with a longer lifespan than on our various social media sites,…

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