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QuitPal App
QuitPal App Screenshot

NCI QuitPal is a free app that uses proven quit strategies and interactive tools to assist you with become smokefree.

NCI QuitPal helps you:

  • Track your daily smoking patterns with an easy-to-use calendar
  • Learn tips to deal with cravings and stay motivated
  • Learn how your health improves after you quit
  • Share smokefree milestones on Facebook and Twitter
  • Track money saved and number of packs not smoked
  • Create a video diary and watch personalized video messages from loved ones
  • Access NCI's Cancer Information Service by toll-free phone line or live chat

Available for download on:

Available on the App Store

NCI QuitPal was developed by the National Cancer Institute using the latest evidence-based smoking cessation methods and behavior change theory.


Technical support is available to help you download and use the NCI QuitPal app. If you need help or have any questions, please contact